``A big drop in the Dow today -324.0 (-3.16%), fueled by a worse than expected jobs report, pushed investors toward bonds helping mortgage rates, which move the opposite direction of bond yields. Mortgage-backed securities prices, which move mortgage rates in the opposite direction were up significantly +21/32''


catherine at 09:17 2010-06-05 said:
not just a 'bad' jobs report, it is now apparent that this administration is just trying for a gold star in class and are faking the jobs instead of leading a 'real' job accerleration effort.

oilybama's administration actually leaked stories all week that the job numbers were great! only fakkers would think that creating 41,000 new jobs while losing 450,000 was a recovery and a win.

it is not even worth discussing what a joke 3 month census jobs (used on the report) were but it is even borderline psycho when we know that those numbers are 4 and 5 times inflated with the hire and fire game the administration is playing with the census.

this is all just a game since oilybama has almost all elites and educators running the show. not a paycheck generator among them.

(lowest number of business people in this white house compared to all presidents)

the world and market are starting to see that there are beginners as far as the eye can see experimenting as we are all boarding that train on the 'depression' tracks.

the incompetence going on now that is completely ignored by our lying media so the can protect 'their' guys and it is going to get uglier and uglier.

that oilybama thinks his 'jobs report' this week was good news is the scariest thing of all. Permalink

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