Yeah, I know… it’s been several months since my last Monthly Museletter. So, what’s your point? I try to keep up but it’s not easy. The banks are such pond scum that their crimes and abuses come out so frequently it’s hard to keep up. I get a Museletter outlined and by the time I finish it, everyone’s already covered everything… and I don’t want to post stuff that everyone else has already posted. I only post stuff that MATTERS, remember? Okay, so there you have it. I can come up with additional excuses if you’d like.

But, all of that being said… in time for Thanksgiving, may absolute favorite holiday of the year… here’s another hopefully somewhat riveting issue of Mandelman’s Monthly Museletter, and I’ll try harder to keep `em coming as close to monthly as possible from now on… I promise. Why is Thanksgiving my particular favorite holiday? It’s simple really: Comes mid-week, so short work week. Great food, and okay to gorge yourself. Macy’s Day Parade – always fun to watch with my daughter while eating pumpkin pie with Cool Whip at 9:00 AM. Alcohol friendly. Annual reason for me to throw football around in front of house. Twilight Zone Marathon, or reasonable substitute. Time to give thanks, because no matter what, it could be much worse. Close friends and family around, but it’s a no gift holiday, so no pressure shopping. Guests bring food. What’s not to love?

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