``... last month when MERS executive, Bill Hultman gave testimony to the Michigan House Banking Committee, Ingham County Register of Deeds, Curtis Hertel, Jr. and I gave Democrats and Republicans on the committee hard hitting questions to ask him. We knew the Republicans wouldn't ask these questions since they wouldn't want to bite the banking lobby's hand that feeds them. We had hoped the Democrats would take advantage of the opportunity to grill one of the key players in destruction of the housing market... In the video, the Democrats on the Committee sat there mute and refused to ask a single question. ''


BIGTXLENDER at 17:33 2011-06-27 said:
yes., yes a million times YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

HVCC is all I need to say... Permalink

buyerbeware at 07:57 2011-06-28 said:
If you're ever in need of material to confirm your bias, look no further. Permalink

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