``What SB 94 has done in the hands of the California State Bar is create so much confusion in the legal community that hundreds or perhaps thousands of legitimate attorneys have stopped offering to help homeowners get their loans modified, while the scammers have continued to proliferate as if nothing changed.''


mtgbiz at 16:16 2012-05-04 said:
SB94, is a vague bill that that was a double edge sword. I have seen Clients who wouldn't pay for service after their house was modded. I have seen lawyers try to modify and fail and take money from clients and they lost their home. But the worst is the Lenders, Banks and still going straight!!! I have seen banks foreclose on clients in the middle of a trial pymt. I have seen this during a short sale as well. I have seen constant lies and lies of being in review and nothing got done. B of A, Chase, Wells, and Wachovia (same but different than wells in certain avenues). I have seen clients not pay and take over the mod and don't pay a cent, clients of 2 and 3 yrs. late. There are so many clients that tie up there properties with litigation, buying time due to the value being so negative. I have seen clients postpone and postpone and nothing is being said in the news. Nothing is being said about this. But that being said, Lawyers are always doing this for clients and yet to no avail. SB94, was a rushed out problem and put the legit businesses out of business. There are a lot of real companies helping out clients still, but from what I have seen it's not easy.!!! Permalink

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