Some of Trump's signature economic policies remain popular, but they have taken a hit from the prior poll. The majority still approves of Trump's plans to cut individual taxes, 59 percent to 30 percent, but that 29 point gap is 13 points smaller than in April. The president has majority support for his plans to cut business taxes, renegotiate trade deals and rebuild the nation's infrastructure, but the margin of support has slimmed in each case.


The president's decision to leave the Paris climate accord is opposed by 57 percent in the poll. And 80 percent think it's appropriate for U.S. companies to continue to try to meet the accord's goals despite the U.S. plans to pull out. And 72 percent say it will be effective for companies to do it alone without the Federal government.

The optimism seems excessively peaky to us. We're 10 years on from the last financial crisis and overdue for a recession, with the market at insane inflated highs, so one would expect sentiment to be lagging like this.

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