The CNN/ORC poll shows 53 percent of Americans view Trump unfavorably, while only 44 percent have a favorable opinion of the incoming president. In the ABC News/Washington Post poll, Trump's favorable rating is just 40 percent, with 54 percent having an unfavorable opinion.

That, according to The Washington Post, makes Trump the least-popular incoming president of the past 40 years -- by a large margin. Eight years ago, ABC News/Washington Post polling showed Barack Obama with a 79 percent favorable rating. Even George W. Bush -- who lost the popular vote and was designated the next president only after a protracted recount in Florida -- had a 62 percent favorable rating on the eve of his inauguration. Bush's 36 percent unfavorable rating was the lowest of the modern era, until Trump's 54 percent score in the new poll.

This is only surprising to those that are in denial of the popular vote outcome (and let's not forget the vast pool of people who didn't vote at all or voted for neither major candidate, who are especially at liberty to start grousing); but we have to wonder if Trumps insular handling of staffing his administration and conducting his naescent policy (much more actively than for a typical president-elect) are already alienating additional people.

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